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Looking for top-quality beer and BBQ? You’ve come to the right place. We don’t cut corners or short on anything — same high-quality rubs, spices and brines every time. We even use our craft beer to brine our chicken and other meats to perfection. 


Beer and BBQ. It’s an award-winning combination. Literally. Tyler and his father have won several competitive awards, for craft beer and for smoked BBQ. 


In fact…


Jack Hoke has won so many awards for his barbecue, he’s literally lost count. 

Hoke has just finished working several hours at his son’s brewery, Lost Signal Brewery. Now he’s ready to relax and talk about his favorite subject: smoking meat. 


We try to cook down the middle of the road. That’s what they teach you in classes and that’s what you learn in competition - cooking for six people is cooking for the masses. You have to appeal to a broad audience,” he explains.


That’s one of the reasons it's worked so well for the brewery. My bbq was more in tune with what people are looking for. We’ve developed the right taste profiles and that’s when we started using grand championships. Very few things I do differently at the brewery than I do when I’m in a competition.“


Jack's passion started in 2010, when a friend asked him to help out at the Rockin’ Ribs BBQ competition.


From there, his life would be forever changed. In 2012, the two began to compete in small competitions and in 2013, they decided to get serious. Since then, they participate in 10-15 competitions across the country. 

When his son,Tyler Hoke, decided to open Lost Signal Brewery in downtown Springfield in February of 2017, Jack knew exactly how to apply his passion to create the perfect food/beer pairing.


Lost Signal Brewing's Origins


“Tyler had already won awards for his beers so I decided to jump in and said I’ll be glad to do the barbecue. He already had the best beer, so let’s make the best barbecue to go with it.”


And that’s when award-winning barbecue and award-winning beer officially met and became menu favorites for many local residents. 

“Food and beer both are such a personal thing and it’s unique to everybody,” he says. “You’ll see restaurants, their number one goal is how much money they can make. For us, it’s about creating a remarkably consistent experience every time.” 


Jack spends just as much care and time preparing the meat before cooking as Tyler spends crafting the next beer flavor profile or tending the mash for his famous Smoked Pecan Porter. 

Getting the Flavor Right Every Time

 “There’s quite a bit to cooking this meat and getting it right….you’ve got the heat, the cut, the rubs, brine - wet or dry. 8-10 hours so you have to plan it just right - when do you rub, when do you brine. These animals are like people - they are all unique - so you can’t treat all the same,” Jack says. 
He trims every piece of meat himself, never relying on anyone else. The rubs, well they’re his, too. Don’t ask him what’s in it. There’s no amount of beer you can supply him that will ever let the recipe leave his lips. And he says the chicken and pork are often brined in his son’s beer so the flavors are distinctly Lost Signal. 
“The challenge is to get the flavor and the tenderness just right ….trying to reach ultimate perfection. We call it hitting all your marks,” he says. “We hit our marks every day at the brewery.”

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