Best Beer and BBQ Pairings

It's a match made in heaven. There’s really no better combination than having a smoked, saucy slab of barbecue ribs and an ice-cold beer to wash it down with. But how do you pick the best bbq and beer pairings?

In today’s blog, Lost Signal Brewing discusses some of the best beer and barbecue pairing options available to human taste buds. Discover which types of beer flavors complement your choice of barbecue.

Top Beer n’ BBQ Pairings from our Menu:

  • BBQ Nachos - Pilsner and Sours

  • Pulled Pork - Stouts and Porters

  • Beef Brisket - Blonde Ales, IPAs, and Stouts

  • Slab of Ribs - Porters and Brown Ales

How do I Choose Beer and BBQ Combos? [ Tips n' Tricks ]

Similar, subtle, contrasting, and cleansing flavors are what to look for when seeking to pair beer with bbq. As a general rule, it’s a safe bet to drink heavier, darker beers with thick, fatty cuts of beef and light, amber-colored beers with lighter, leaner cuts.

And never mix sweet beers with sweet bbq sauce. You need contrasting flavors that help to accentuate your meal. The richer the flavor of barbecue, the better it is to choose a fizzy, malty, bitter beer.


These beers have a distinctly acidic, sour, or tart taste. By including sweet fruity flavors, like raspberries or cherries, there is a balance of sour and sweet. The sweetness and acidity cuts through peppery, fatty cuts of beef bbq. For a great sour beer, we recommend ordering our Under the Tower Sour - Mixed Berry.

Pairs well with:

  • Fatty cuts of beef rib bbq in savory sauce


Strong, hoppy, dark-colored, and full-bodied beers, stouts carry hints of dark chocolate, coffee, or even molasses in their flavor. The crisp and bitter flavor of this beer mirrors the flavors in most barbecued meats, including the salted, smokey char.

Pairs well with:

  • Pulled pork and saucy ribs, fatty or deep-fried cuts of barbecue


Similar to stout beer, but without roasted malts, porters carry a thick-bodied, dark flavor with hints of dark fruit flavors, like cherries, and coffee or nuts. Across the board, dark beers are a match made in heaven for barbecue, namely because they carry flavors that compliment and mirror each other perfectly.

Pairs well with:

  • Thick and heavy meats like beef brisket barbecue or meatloaf

Brown Ales

It has a malty and complex flavoring that matches well with hearty, smoked, or grilled red meats. The beer’s malt taste helps to bring out the flavoring of both the meat and the savory barbecue sauce.

Pairs well with:

  • BBQ chicken, bbq brisket nachos, or smoked sausage

IPA's (India Pale Ale)

IPAs are bitter, bold and hoppy with a hint of citrus or herbal taste. It’s a perfect match for any sweat bbq flavor. Not so malty, but very, very hoppy — try our On-Air PIA (a west coast IPA) for starters and drink it alongside an order of sweet bbq brisket.

Pairs well with:

  • Beef brisket, slab ribs, and charcoaled red meats


Pilsners are light, yeasty-flavored, and full-bodied with caramel notes. We

recommend drinking our Metro Eats Pils (a German Pilsner). It’s a light, crisp beer that doesn’t carry the earthy, down-home heaviness of most lagers or ales.

Pairs well with:

  • Mac and cheese, salad, chicken, bbq pulled pork or pork belly

Blonde Ale

It has a light-bodied taste, with a sweet and bready biscuit flavor to it. Not too hoppy and not too malty, blonde ales give a balanced flavor that pair smoothly with smoked or charred pulled pork or bbq ribs. Our Glass Heart (signature blonde ale) is a great option to consider when visiting Lost Signal Brewing.

Pairs well with:

  • Sweat or spicy bbq sauce ribs, pulled pork, mac, and cheese, or deep fried foods


Find the Perfect Beer and BBQ Pairing at Lost Signal

Grab some of the best barbecue around and pair it with one of our award-winning craft beers. We’re located in downtown Springfield just west off of the square. Dine-in or carry it home with you. Contact us at 417-869-4755 or send us an email at


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