Don't Like Wine? Top 5 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer.

It’s National Wine Drinking Day! What? Don’t like wine? Well, today’s blog is going to cover some of the reasons why you should substitute those grapes for hops and start drinking craft beer — and to be exact, really good craft beer from Lost Signal Brewing.

There are a few great reasons to turn down that elegant glass of wine in favor of a hearty mug of ale or a refreshing bottle of crisp pilsner. So, before you reach for the wine bottle, consider these five points.

1.) Wait, Beer is Healthier than Wine?

Surprisingly, the answer is mostly yes. Beer happens to have more of the following:

  • Fiber

  • Protein

  • Selenium

  • B vitamins

  • Phosphorus

  • Folate

  • Niacin

  • Silicon (helps to prevent brittle bones, according to studies)

Although technically speaking, all alcohol is pretty bad for the liver, the hops found in beer help to slow the release of calcium into the kidneys; this helps to prevent kidney stones.

2.) Beer Pairs Better with Certain Foods.

Wine and a light salad — sure. But wine and barbecue? No way! Beer comes out the winner here. For instance… The nutty and sweet flavor of a crystal malt accentuates smoked bbq perfectly. Sweet and saucy pork ribs go well with a hearty stout or porter, which are bitter, dark-colored beers. Whereas lighter beers, like pilsners and lagers, tend to taste great with fried fish foods.

3.) It’s Better for Social Occasions

Cracking open a can of beer to hang out and talk gives a more casual, open, friendly, and laid-back vibe than the formal and posh feel of drinking from boxed or bottled wine. Given that beer is generally cheaper than wine, you’re more likely to go out and enjoy bottled beers than you are visiting the wine store and perusing the place for just the right bottle of chardonay.

4.) Beer is Better for Managing Drink Portions

Unlike pouring from a wine bottle or endlessly returning to fill up your glass from a boxed wine container, beer comes in sizeable portions. Have one or two bottles or cans and that’s it. There’s not too much of a temptation to keep refilling or to drink way too much for a workweek evening.

5.) More Likely to Find Great Beer than Great Wine

If you’re living in the Springfield area or the Ozarks in general, you’re going to have your pick of some of the best-tasting beers around. Blow-your-socks-off beer flavors are easy to come by. But the same can’t be said for wine. It’s harder to find truly awe-inspiring wine in the area — but not impossible.

Spare the effort of searching and just grab a cold one from our local brewpub. We've been honing our brew game for years and know what it takes to make a worthwhile beer.

Find Award-Winning Beer and BBQ at Lost Signal

We’ve been around for years and are happy to serve some of the best bbq and beer in town. Find us in downtown Springfield, west of the square on College Street. Drop on by for delicious spare ribs or brisket, or a pale ale and a lager. You can also contact us at 417-869-4755 or send us an email at

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